The Fairyland Waterfall

In our backyard, there lies a waterfall in the very heart of the lush forest. It takes 1 -1,5 hours to reach to the most stunning parts of it by following the river bed on the way.

In our valley, the landscape and the geographical features trace back to prehistoric ages and they are said to have not been exposed to the destructive effects of the ice age.

The walk to the waterfall is an unforgettable journey offering a visual feast of a vast variation of plantations, rock formations and butterflies. You won't fail to notice the gigantic Zakkum and Sandal trees.

The road guarantees pure adventure. On the way, you can dip your body into the naturally formed ponds filled with fresh mountain water and feel like a forest fairy while getting connected to nature in the most direct way.

You might want to spend the whole day here, listening to the sound of the water, admiring the wild flowers and the butterflies.

The water is so pure that it is drinkable.

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