Turan Hill Lounge is located between Fethiye / Ovacık - Alınca destinations of the Lycian Way which starts in Ovacık and goes all the way to Antalya. The ancient trade route is 500km long and traces back to 3.000 years ago. The route was first marked on stones and trees by Kate Clow; with red-white colours all the way.

Turan Hill Lounge is located inside the area known as the first section of the route. The first section of the route brings you to Faralya Village and by following the red and white waymarks, you can find your way down to Kabak Bay. And then, to the ancient cities of Yediburunlar, Sdyma, Pinara, Letoon, Xanthos. The last stop of the first section is Patara.

The Lycian Way is officially regarded as one of the most beautiful trekking routes of the world. During your stay in our campsite, you can go for walks on the Lycian Way and discover the ancient spirit of our area.

Camping and the nearby beach are excellent places to relax and enjoy, but of course that is not all. When you actively discover the beauty and purity of the surroundings, your stay will become an experience never to forget.

The Beach